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Check out some of our recent work on new Arrow Video titles!


Featuring new interviews with stars Ed Harris, Tom Savini and Patricia Tallman.

Watch a trailer for the release here.

Baron Blood

Featuring a new interview with Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato, who discusses Mario Bava and the golden age of Italian genre films.

Watch a trailer for the release here.

Motel Hell

Featuring new interviews with stars Paul Linke and Rosanne Katon, audio commentary with director Kevin Connor, refections on the importance of the movie with Dave Parker (director of The Hills Run Red) and a featurette on Motel Hell's frightful female protagonist Ida Smith.

Watch a trailer for the release here.

Runaway Train

Featuring new interviews with stars Jon Voight and Eric Roberts and with director Andrei Konchalovsky.

Watch a trailer for the release here.

High Rising Productions has been extremely busy in 2012 - 2013 and plans more updates soon.

Thankfully we have busy on some of your favourite cult titles - so much so that we have had little time for anything else!

Look out for our full length documentary, SLICE AND DICE: THE SLASHER FILM FOREVER, out now in the UK from 88 Films.

Our work can be seen on most of the Arrow Video range (including The Beyond, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, Cat O Nine Tails, The Fantastic Factory box set, Vamp and many, many more), Anchor Bay's Blu Ray release of I Spit on your Grave, Shout Factory's release of Starcrash and we are currently slogging it out on Grindhouse Releasing's upcoming Blu Ray of Cannibal Holocaust.


Day of the Dead


High Rising Productions work on the following HD content for Arrow Video's release of Day of the Dead.

Joe of the Dead: Acting in a George Romero Classic

This is a 50 minute long sit down chat with the actor Joe Pilato. A Biography Channel style piece, this takes in the performer's career to date, including his unforgettable performance as Captain Rhodes in Day of the Dead.

Travelogue of the Dead: On the Rhodes Again

This is a 17 minute feature on Joe Pilato's trip to Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow in October 2009, complete with some fans giving their own thoughts on meeting Captain Rhodes.


Acclaim for High Rising Productions' new Day of the Dead documentaries

"What a package from Arrow. Highly recommended!
DVD Beaver (

"Joe of the Dead: the fifty minute running time just flies by as Pilato is an intelligent, articulate individual who rattles off many interesting stories and observations about his time with George Romero. Great stuff."
DVD Active:

"Joe of the Dead is a fascinating watch, detailed, honest and revealing"
Den of Geek

"A near genius documentary on Joe Pilato"



City of the Living Dead


HIGH RISING PRODUCTIONS has completed work on the UK DVD and Blu Ray of Lucio Fulci's classic horror chiller CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980). Our hard work has produced three hours of extra features and a brand new commentary track:

Just so everyone knows here's the running time on these new extras:

Audio Commentary track with star Giovanni Lombardo Radice and moderator Calum Waddell

Carlo of the Living Dead: Actor Carlo De Mejo Talks (17 minutes)

The Many Lives and Deaths of Giovanni Lombardo Radice (50 minutes)

Dame of the Dead: Catriona MacColl in Conversation (25 minutes)

Live from the Glasgow Film Theatre with Catriona MacColl and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (25 minutes)

Fulciā€™s Daughter: Memories of the Italian Gore Maestro with Antonella Fulci (27 minutes)

Penning Some Paura: Screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti Interviewed (18 minutes)

Profondo Luigi: Luigi Cozzi's Memories of Lucio Fulci (17 minutes)